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Work Life Blog Balance – I havent quite got there just yet, but Im working on it I promise

Ok, ok I deserve a HUGE slap on the wrists, my blog writing has become non-existent and instead of focusing on it as I had planned, I moved and started work full time! At least let me give you a break down on the last few months and you might forgive me:

Baby 17 months – working 3 days a week, 1 commuting into London. Zain now knows all the animal noises and is doing them daily, whenever, where ever we are.

Jaan’s Dad was a superstar and started travelling to us from London on his day off so I could work my day in London. My Mum also came down at least once a week to entertain Zain whilst I worked. It was hard, we only had the one room for me to work in and Zain to play in and whilst working, Zain would often crave my full attention. He would climb the sofa to try and get onto the desk that we had put in the corner of the room and baby gated off, or would try and tip toe at the edge and pull things off the desk. Finding a balance was very hard. I felt a lot of guilt for not spending as much time with him as I had been. I definitely think the ideal situation would have been to have a nanny come and spend the time with him whilst I worked. Me and Jaan already knew that we didn’t want Zain to go into Nursery, but he definitely wasn’t getting the interaction he needed whilst I worked.


This was also most definitely one of the times of the biggest developments in him.

Baby 18 months – WHY HAS MY BABY STOPPED SLEEPING!?!?! Just because they give it a name does not make it easier to accept and deal with! I’m not going to dwell, but it wasn’t fun. All of a sudden Zain didn’t want to go to bed, stay in bed, stay asleep or get up at a reasonable hour. We saw a lot of 1am, 2am, 3am and then the day started at 4am. To say I was shattered was an understatement. I spent hours rocking him on my lap singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow. He usually fell asleep, but then as soon as I tried to put him back into his cot he would wake and scream the place down. We tried controlled crying, I’m not sure how long you are meant to let them cry and go in in intervals but after an hour we couldn’t take it anymore. We tried a later bedtime, a bigger bottle, a bigger dinner, reading books, wearing him out more. You name it we did it. Nothing worked. Thanks Google!

19 months – Unfortunately our answer was bringing his cot back in to our room, and then when he woke at night. Bringing him into our bed ☹ but at least we were getting some sleep, and many punches and kicks in the head.

I also went to Guernsey to celebrate my besties (Mama Oracle) birthday – which was just what I needed and breathed life back in to me.

Zain was also not really listening, and thinking “No” was a game, wagging his finger back at me when I told him off. Grrrr – and breathe

He also climbs everything, including me. And has unlimited energy. He is still napping between 10am-12pm which makes working much easier.

We also visited Baby Zumba (which was brilliant as he got to just run around and there was none of this “Right can we sit in a circle” which obviously Zain will not do) and a village hall soft play (pretty much a load of toys in a community centre with coffee -but it was a change of scenery) and Eddie Catz in London (great toddler soft play area) If you live anywhere near North London you should go!

Baby 20 months – We are moving! We have started packing up all our bits and are making moves ready to go. Unfortunately, Zain knows something is happening and is even more unsettled than before.

Baby 21 months – Whilst we were planning our move it became very apparent that Papa wasn’t too happy at work. He had also been seriously ill and in hospital for 4 days, which I think was down to stress. I was also starting to get cabin fever by spending so much time with only the baby for company. At this point my work were also repeatedly asking me when and if I could do more hours. Me and Papa sat down and decided to do a role swap. He was going to be a stay at home Dad, and I was going to be a working Mum. The only class Zain was now doing was swimming on a Friday with me. So, I agreed to work 4 days a week, one in the London office, three from home, and have Fridays off to take Zan swimming…. Well this is the 21st century after all 😉


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