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About Us

Hi, and thanks for stopping by our blog, let me introduce us; I am Rachel (Mummy), Jaan is my husband (Papa) and Zain is our little baby boy (born Nov 2016).
We are new parents and realised very early into his arrival that we had not been told half of the things we needed to know to prepare for the changes that would happen to our lives (or we just hadn’t listened). After a visit from my sister and numerous conversations starting with “I wish they had told me…..” she suggested we start a blog that included all the things we wished we had known and the things we felt people should speak about, the raw…uncensored….honest goings on once baby arrives. So here it is, our lives with our new addition; the struggles, the challenges, the good and the bad…and quite often the messy.
I also found that sharing (or venting) was something that definitely got me through the first few weeks. There is no judgement here, everything that you think, feel and ask is normal and this is one site that we want everyone to feel like they can say whatever they are feeling and feel supported, whether it be “I am regretting my choices!” “Do I have to change a nappy every wee?” “I don’t want to breastfeed!”. Nothing is barred, or too silly to ask and what you think is “suppose to happen” often in my experience doesn’t.
Happy reading x