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Monthly Archives: June 2017

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Me, myself & Zain: Baby 8.5 months

Zain LOVES the cot bumpers, mainly because he can spin around in his cot, push himself into every corner, and constantly flip – and he doesn’t bang his head or get his foot stuck. RESULT! He is also rolling over from front to back! So

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My puree Mission: Baby 8 months old

So now I am making all Zain’s food fresh (and then fridged or freezered) I am unsure about how best to clean it so I peel all the fruit, wash it in bottled water, steam all of it, and then blended it. I can do

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Getting to grips. Baby: 7.5 months old

So life is very different in Turkey, the weather, the culture, the mentality. It was a lot to try and get use to. Some days have been great, and I’m not going to lie; some days have been harder than others. Going out during the

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Mummy Abroad! Baby: 7 months

So we are finally here, within the first half of 2017 we have visited Turkey, decided to move, quit work, wrapped everything up and moved here! I feel quite proud of us. Now we are here I feel so relaxed and stressfree. We didn’t waste