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Monthly Archives: April 2017

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Good bye England. Baby: 23-28 weeks

I tried to fit in some classes with Zain whilst back in Essex, but it proved difficult to find the time. I did  manage 1 jo jingles class and took Zain to a place called Mygym which was amazing, if I was staying I would

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Lets do this Baby! Baby: 23 weeks old

This next month is now a blur of sorting, packing, clearing and organising. As soon as we had made the decision that we were going back to Turkey, the to do lists started. Get house on the market for tenants start clearing out all our

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Baby First Aid – the basics

I went to a baby first aid course put on by the Red Cross through NCT. I took some notes so thought I would share. I am by no means a qualified baby first aider but thought these basic notes might be good to share. You